Be ready for the future

At EHL students develop a number of soft-skills that are highly transferable to any industry where customer relations are center-stage. Through intensive team collaboration,  operational practice and various simulation exercises - our students learn to perform in a multicultural environment, under constant pressure and with immediate feedback from the customer.

Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management:

  • 4 years (includes preparatory year)
  • 2 internships - around the world
  • 1 final business project for an enterprise
  • Campus: in Lausanne, Switzerland or in Singapore
  • Professional study path available in Switzerland


Join the best university

EHL is ranked for the second year in a row N°1 University  in the world for employer reputation, academic quality and innovation. The reputation of our school, and our students and graduates, draws more than 200 recruiters from top international companies to visit our campuses and recruit from EHL every year.
  • Our campuses are in Switzerland and Singapore, two of the world’s top-ranking countries for higher education quality, innovation and sustainability, business entrepreneurship and quality of life.
  • #1 in the World for Hospitality Management : QS World University Rankings, 2019, 2020 & 2021; CEO World Magazine, 2019 & 2020
  • #7 in Switzerland for Business and Management : QS World University Rankings, 2020
  • 1 Michelin Star for EHL’s student training restaurant
  • #1 in Academic Innovation, Worldwide Hospitality Awards, 2019

For infinite career choices

EHL benefits from an excellent reputation among employers for the quality of our graduates. Our students are work ready:

  • Preparatory year with 25 hands-on workshops
  • 2 internship semesters
  • 1 final junior consultancy project for a real company
  • 200+ companies recruit on campus and conduct an average of 3600 student interviews each semester
  • 5000 offers were posted on our exclusive job platform in the last 12 months

Our alumni start strong and succeed anywhere:

  • 30 000 alumni in 150 countries
  • 69% in management roles
  • 56% in senior management positions up to CEO

Every other graduate chooses to stay in the core hospitality industry while others pursue careers in banking, finance, real estates, communications, luxury, hightech, education,  etc.

Hospitality represents 1/10 jobs in the world

By 2028, travel and tourism will be a 1 trillion dollar industry. Become a global minded, business and hospitality savvy leader who will shape the future of this industry. Mastering High Touch in a world of High Tech, will set you apart.


Soft skills paired with great know-how is what defines the most inspiring people

EHL places great emphasis on developing soft-skills as part of the academic programs:

Build future-ready skills

With a degree in hospitality, you acquire soft-skills on top of technical know-how that allow you to succeed in any industry. At EHL you will gain skills that feature in the top skills for the future, and competences that are the most sought for on LinkedIn such as agility, creativity, persuasion, and time management.

Graduate with work experience

By completing two international 6-month internships (one operational, one administrative) you gain real-world work experience, and you graduate ready for management roles with your own professional network and contacts.

Learn real-world applications

High quality academic courses with expert instructors will teach you to apply business ethics, research and critical thinking to actual business challenges and you finish with a junior consulting project for a real company. 

Practice innovation and entrepreneurship

You will learn to innovate and develop business concepts efficiently with an R&D workshop, a chance to become an intern in your own Start-up Company, and courses where you test the latest technologies.

Some of the brands who recruit our students every year