Access to study advice in your country

We seek to give you access to personalized advice in your country when our Admissions staff cannot travel to meet with you. For this purpose, we are working with a few independent education representatives. 

They can provide you with information about our programs at EHL Campus Passugg, entry requirements, campus facilities and visas, as well as advice about living in Switzerland.

We have carefully selected and trained them to ensure that you receive high quality service. 

If you have questions or concerns about our independent education representatives, please contact our EHL study advisor.  

South Asia

South Asia's representation for EHL Campus Passugg is managed by Gresham Global.

Address: 1206, Signature Business Park, Postal Colony Road, Chembur (E), Mumbai – 400 071.

Gresham Global

Your representative for EHL in South Asia: 

Ms. Kiran Juneja

Kiran Juneja 2


Goergia Representation for EHL Campus Passugg is managed by LEAF and its parent Education Management Group.

Address: Gamsakhurdia (Beijing) Ave. 34, 0160 Tbilisi.

Leaf Education Group Georgia


Taiwan Representation for EHL Campus Passugg is managed by Lincoln Management Consultants.

Address: 3F-2, No.148, Sec 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd, Da'an Dist, TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan.

Lincoln Management