Dual Education in Switzerland

Switzerland's education system is unique. At the tertiary level, it is split into two sectors: The professional sector and the university sector. 

Professional education is highly practical and designed to train for a specific profession with the needs of the labor market in mind. It is what is called dual-track education, meaning part of it takes place in the classroom, and part of it in the workplace.

The university sector is the more academic sector of the education system. Bachelor's degrees obtained through studies at Universities and Universities of Applied Science emphasize real-world training and applied research.

Studying Hospitality Management at EHL

The EHL Hospitality Business School has been a pioneer in hospitality education since 1893. It has created and inspired a unique professional community of over 30,000 hospitality managers, united by the values and the legacy of EHL.

EHL offers students two learning pathways on three campuses to earn the Bachelor in International Hospitality Management. The pathways and the campuses offer different focuses and learning experiences.

Two unique Pathways to one Bachelor Degree


Professional Pathway to the Bachelor

This program offers a deeper immersion in the operational functions of the hospitality industry.  Students specialize in either Culinary Arts, Sustainable Management or Spa & Wellness Management. Professional degree graduates are eligible to earn the EHL Bachelor in just 3 additional semesters to deepen their knowledge of management theory and application.

Location: The Professional Degree is offered on EHL Campus Passugg. Students continuing to earn the bachelor's degree will have their two final semesters at the Lausanne campus. 

Program Language: English or German

Duration: Professional Degree 3 years + Bachelor 1.5 years

Included internships: 2 semesters. Additional internships are possible.

Profile: Students who are passionate about culinary arts or hotel management, prefer smaller class sizes and a supportive learning environment.


European Qualifications Framework: Level 6


Academic Pathway to the Bachelor

After a preparatory year in which students get an overview of hospitality operations and complete an operational internship, this pathway allows students to earn a business degree that focuses intensely on hospitality management theory and application. Students complete their studies with either an individual thesis or group consultancy project.

Location: Students begin at EHL Campus Lausanne for the preparatory year then spend the next three years on Lausanne Campus with the opportunity of a mobility semester on our Singapore campus. .

Program language: English or French

Duration: preparatory year + 3 years of academics

Included internships: 2 semesters

Student profile: Students who have a strong academic profile, who learn well independently, and enjoy a bustling, dynamic university environment.


European Qualifications Framework: Level 6

The Student Journey

Professional Pathway

Professional Pathway Graphic


Academic Pathway

Academic Pathway Graphic


Admissions requirements

High School Diploma & CV

Students applying for the Professional Degree are required to have successfully completed their upper secondary high school diploma or a vocational equivalent. There are no specific subject or grade requirements. Applications are assessed holistically. Academic transcripts, career goals, motivation, and personal qualities are part of the assessment. 

Students must submit a complete CV to apply for the study program. 


Statement of Motivation

The statement of motivation is an important part of your application. It is an opportunity for you to showcase your strengths, motivation and interests. Please choose one of the following three topics and limit your statement to no more than two A4 typed pages

  • Why have you chosen to study at EHL Passugg? What criteria did you use when assessing whether EHL Passugg is the right fit for you?

  • EHL Passugg prepares students to become leaders in a competitive, demanding and global industry. What are your expectations for EHL Passugg and your career objectives ?

  • Which current trends do you find most interesting in the hospitality industry? How do you think EHL Passugg will help you manage these trends in your career?


Language Certificate

Students need one of the following unless they are a native English speaker:

  • Proof that the last 3 years of secondary education were studied in a school where English was the main language of instruction
  • TOEFL - minimum score 80 (iBT)
  • Cambridge Advanced Examination - minimum grade C
  • Cambridge First Certificate with a grade of A only
  • IELTS Academic module – Overall band score 6.0

Find all admissions details right here


Bachelor Admissions 

Upon successful completion of the Professional Degree, students are eligible to continue their studies to earn the EHL Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management through an accelerated three-semester program.  

High School Diploma

Students applying for the Bachelor's Degree are required to meet strict academic requirements, depending on the type of high school diploma they have completed, and are expected to have studied math for the last 3 years of their secondary education.

For grade requirements of the high school diploma check the admissions requirements or contact admissions@ehl.ch


Language Certificate

Students need one of the following unless they are a native English speaker: 

  • Proof that the last 3 years of secondary education were studied in a school where English was the main language of instruction
  • One of the following curricula in English: IB A-levels, French Baccalauréat option Internationale (OIB), Swiss Maturité bilingue or the European baccalaureate.
  • TOEFL (iBT) - 80 points 
  • C1 Advanced - minimum grade C
  • IELTS Academic module – Overall band score 6.0

Student Testimonials

Talk to our students

Would you like to have a chat with our students and listen to their insights about the Professional Pathway to the Bachelor and EHL Campus Passugg?



Pre-university programs

EHL offers high school students the opportunity to discover what it is like to be a hospitality management student and get a head start with their application with EHL Academy programs.

The EHL Academy is for students aged 16 to 18 and takes place during the summer. Programs are offered on-campus in Switzerland and Singapore. The interactive workshops and fun activities develop knowledge and skills around Business & Innovation, Culinary Arts, International Hospitality and Luxury Brand Management. The programs can be taken individually or in combination across the campuses. 



Culinary & Wellness Concepts

EHL Campus Passugg

A dynamic excursion into Swiss fine dining, wellness, and Alpine tourism.

This course offers a balanced mix of field trips, workshops, and team challenges. You develop your culinary skills, learn about spa and wellness businesses, and tour the Swiss Alps.

  • Sunday, 30 June to Saturday, 6 July, 2024

Hospitality Business & Innovation

EHL Campus Lausanne

A fast-paced and exciting intro to the hospitality business. 

This course allows you to discover the hospitality industry, gain basic business knowledge, develop soft skills for university, and enjoy field trips in Switzerland.

  • Sunday, 30 June to Saturday, 6 July 2024
  • Sunday, 7 July to Saturday, 13 July  2024
  • Sunday, 14 July to Saturday, 20 July  2024
  • Sunday, 27 October to Saturday, 2 November 2024

International Hospitality & Luxury Brand Management

EHL Campus (Singapore)

An intensive journey into the future of hospitality and luxury brands.

In this course, you learn about industry trends and sustainability, build basic brand management knowledge, and explore Singapore’s refined hospitality and food culture.

  • Sunday, 21 July to Saturday, 27 July 2024

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