Happiness is contagious. Good actions ripple out and amplify.    

Transmitting kindness, benevolence, and attention to others ignites a circle of well-being. Instilling a commitment to care about others unlocks the capacity to transmit these values. The world needs people who can start this virtuous cycle and keep it going.  It’s a well-balanced circuit that combines ‘how to do’ and ‘how to act’. This is how everyone contributes to the prosperity of the next generation.


5 Elements of a Virtuous Circle

Learning: Commit to growing your knowledge, people skills, emotional intelligence, ethical values, and positive attitudes.  

Sharing: Spread the notion of caring by putting your new skills and values into action and being attentive to the people around you. 

Empowering: Set the example by encouraging others to act positively and with great care for people and the community. 

Receiving: Benefit from the smallest of good actions resulting from the ripple effect you starting by caring for others.

Improving: Continue this never-ending virtuous circle by growing and improving your attentiveness to people.


Teaching Benevolence

As the leaders in hospitality education, at EHL we focus on experiential education, a social learning context, leadership, and an awareness and appreciation for lifelong learning.

Cultivating Caring

As educators, we transmit not only knowledge but also values. We are helping students to develop a caring mindset and a culture of helping each other and the community.

Embracing Diversity

As a Family, we stand united, and we care for every member of our community equally. We draw strength from the diverse perspectives, interests, and identities of our people.


About EHL

Founded as the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) in 1893, EHL pioneered the methods of Swiss hospitality management education and achieved rankings as the world’s best hospitality management university. Today, the school offers a wide range of hospitality business degrees and hotel management courses for students of all ages and backgrounds on its two campuses in Switzerland, in Lausanne and Chur-Passugg, and one in Singapore.

At EHL, we believe that the future is going to need good leaders, and more specifically, leaders for good. Consequently, we are embedding a socially sustainable ethos in everything we do: academics, research, operations,... Across our three campuses, the EHL community is striving towards this goal by making our core values come alive.