Coronavirus Update

This page provides the latest updates for the EHL Community on the covid 19 situation and how it is handled by our on-campus and off-campus teams. 

How EHL managed the largest single Swiss quarantine

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EHL Campus Lausanne

COVID Update

Following the confirmation of about ten positive cases to date on the EHL Lausanne campus, the cantonal physician took the decision on 23 September to impose a quarantine to all 2,500 EHL students in the Bachelor cycle, with the exception of students on internships.

This quarantine takes effect on 23 September and will be lifted on the morning of 29 September (i.e. 10 days after the event at the origin of the contamination), unless contraindicated by the cantonal doctor.

EHL is working closely with the Office of the Cantonal Physician to provide the best possible support to the contaminated students, who have so far reported only minor symptoms. 

As a precautionary measure, EHL had already imposed 100% distance learning courses for Bachelor students between 21.09 and 28.09, in order to welcome this week's Preparatory Year students in the best possible conditions and to limit possible risks of contamination.

The students concerned have been informed and the rules imposed by the Canton for the quarantine have been reminded. The initial investigation has shown that the organization of one or more private parties would be at the origin of this contamination. They took place just before the entry into force of the measures announced by the Council of State on September 15.

Disciplinary measures have already been taken against the student organizers of these private parties, which are not subject to the authority of EHL.

An important system has been put in place on campus to ensure the highest health standards and to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible. The entire faculty and staff are joining in on the efforts to raise awareness among students, who are called upon to demonstrate collective responsibility and civic responsibility.

In addition, EHL ensures academic continuity for the students concerned by this quarantine, with full continuation of distance learning courses throughout the quarantine period.

The rest of the EHL community present on campus, such as staff, students from other programs and Preparatory Year students, are exempt from quarantine and will be able to continue to access the Lausanne campus. 

It goes without saying that EHL is taking the situation to the level of its stakes for both its community and the civil community as a whole, working closely with the competent authorities.I am confident that the close collaboration with some of the brightest global business leaders will spark the right conversations to navigate across the next couple of decades. Explains Mr Michel Rochat, CEO of EHL

By 2030, multiple changes will occur and will influence the hospitality industry due to globalisation, one of them being a shift of market power.

In the third thesis of the Lausanne Report, EHL - in cooperation with hospitality experts - discuss this trend that will disrupt the industry depending on the economic stages of a market and its geographical position.

EHL Group measures

Measures to Protect the EHL Community

Our number 1 priority remains the safety of our students and staff. EHL strictly complies with all government and health authorities’ recommendations and additional special measures have been implemented in an effort to preserve the health and wellbeing of the entire EHL community.

As of September 2020, the new HyFlex system has been put in place, allowing a real-time adaptation of the population on site, while providing seamless remote learning solutions for those who are in the “off-campus” rotation.

The EHL Campus is open to a limited amount of people, and staff presence is kept to a minimum in order to prioritize student attendance.

EHL has remained operational since the beginning of the pandemic and has built the capacity to ensure continuity through the dedication of its staff and the implementation of the best available technologies.

We are delighted to have welcomed back our students as of September 14, and remain vigilant and determined to provide the best possible learning experience throughout these exceptional times.

Sanitary Measures on Lausanne Campus


Coronavirus measures
EHL Campus Lausanne

Visiting EHL Campus?

The number of people allowed on campus is restricted in line with the sanitary and distancing measures in place. Any visitors must be invited by a member of staff who will provide a form to pre-register their arrival.

All external visitors will need to comply with the Campus guidelines.

External guests may access the campus for Berceau des Sens reservations, EHL’s Michelin-starred learning restaurant. Book a table

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Where can I find more information?  

Please read our FAQs below for Lausanne campus details.

If you are an EHL Campus Passugg Student, Faculty or Staff:  visit EHL Passugg Intranet

We will update our FAQs very regularly and appreciate your support and patience during these extraordinary circumstances.

For urgent questions or concerns we remain available here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find the latest answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Covid-19 situation at EHL below.  

Where is the latest information about the Covid-19 situation in Switzerland?
The latest information on the situation in Switzerland is available on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health.

What measures has EHL put in place to ensure the safety and well-being of its community?

The following special measures are implemented at EHL Lausanne to protect the entire EHL Community and external visitors on campus:

  • A limited number of people will be allowed admission to the campus at one time in order to ensure appropriate distancing and sanitary measures. Restrictions apply to external visitors and a security check is performed at the entrance to control the amount of people present on site;
  • Health check at the campus entrance required for all people entering the campus;
  • Intensified cleaning schedule throughout the campus and residences;
  • Use of disinfectant for handrails and door handles, and higher frequency for waste removal with systematic disinfection of the bins;
  • Procedure for the identification and care for people infected;
  • Quarantine plan validated by the Cantonal Medical Office ready should a case be identified or the need arise;
  • Reinforced EHL health service team to ensure that all questions or concerns can be addressed efficiently;
  • Signage posted around campus to ensure compliance to hygiene and sanitary recommendations and distancing, including:
    • markings to ensure a smooth flow of people throughout campus
    • posters and announcement reminders of hygiene measures
    • instructions and capacity information for use of classrooms, meeting rooms or other closed spaces
    • instructions and staggered seating implemented for all Food & Beverage outlets, study spaces and classrooms to ensure appropriate distances
  • Sanitization stations set up in all public areas, near classrooms, meeting rooms and offices with appropriate material to disinfect hands and any areas used so that the space is left clean and ready for the next users;
  • Contactless payment systems installed in the coming days throughout the campus for all points-of-sale and photocopiers/printers with the EHL card, which can be charged on the Myehl intranet and avoiding the physical exchange of money or cards.
  • Plexiglas protection screens mounted at the Reception, Food Court cash registers, Finger Food and M Bar.
  • Open Door policy implemented where possible to avoid contact with doorknobs.
  • Increased hygiene measures at all Food & Beverage outlets with namely mandatory hand sanitization upon entrance, single-use recyclable cutlery and wrapped self-service plates.
  • Development of new IT solutions to facilitate distance learning, virtual events and security of all evaluations.

Download the infographic of measures implemented at EHL (May 2020)

What has EHL done to maintain the quality of its learning and student experience?

EHL takes pride in its recognition as the leading university in Hospitality Management and has implemented a number of solutions to ensure that the quality of learning and student experience is maintained through these particular times.

The HyFlex model is designed to enable a balance of in class and remote learning, allowing students to fully benefit from the campus life and academic courses.

Additional AI-powered proctoring tools have been put in place to ensure the integrity of all online exams.

What is HyFlex? And why was this model chosen at EHL?

  • HyFlex (Hybrid & Flexible) is a teaching model that combines in person and online courses simultaneously. A rotation is defined centrally for all students’ courses to take part in classes on campus part of the time, and follow the courses live online the rest of the time. For most classes, we anticipate that approximately 50% will be present on site, and 50% will be joining the class remotely.
  • This model was chosen for Bachelor courses as it allows the best combination for students to take advantage of remote study, campus life and classroom presence, given the strict capacity limitations on campus imposed in Switzerland for Covid-related measures. The model also allows flexibility to increase or decrease the presence on site as the situation of the pandemic may evolve.

Download the Hyflex Infographic

What will the final ratio be of onsite and online courses?
EHL is working on a principle of equity to ensure that all Bachelor students benefit from the same opportunities for campus access via a rotation. Local Covid requirements limit the maximum capacity allowed on campus, so priority is given to all teaching activities in scheduling the presences on site.

Is this format planned for the next semester only? Or would it be maintained even after COVID measures are eased?
Management are currently working on different scenarios for the February 2021 semester. Students will be informed as soon as the most likely scenario is identified.

While the Covid pandemic has accelerated our digitalization plans, HyFlex constitutes an essential step towards a more comprehensive digitalization of all our programs, a strategic plan launched across all learning entities of EHL Group. Elements of this model, and an increased digitalization of certain courses may therefore remain in place after the measures of the pandemic are lifted.

What happens for students who are unable to be in the Swiss time zone (for travel restrictions for example)?

  • The principle is that all EHL students will be in Switzerland. Only students facing covid-19 restrictions can request to attend remote classes instead of in-person classes, as assigned to them in their LMS. These students should contact Student Affairs as soon as possible.
  • Inquiries will be processed on a case-by-case basis and supporting documentation will be required.
    More than half of the student population will be scheduled to be on campus as of the first week of class.

How will the classroom be set up to allow for interaction from remote students and on site students?
The exact set up of the classroom is currently being tested. The professor will be responsible to establish the interaction between the students present in class and those attending remotely.

Will the Academic assistants be taking control of the online classroom?
No, it will be the responsibility of the faculty members to take control of their classroom (online and on campus).

Will students have the option of following the courses 100% remotely upon request?

No. The HyFlex model is designed to enable a mix of classroom presence, campus life, interactions and online courses. Any exceptions required for 100% remote course planning should be announced asap and will be handled on a case by case basis.

How will social distancing be respected during classes?
Thanks to the HyFlex model, a limited number of people will be allowed admission to the campus at one time in order to ensure appropriate distancing and sanitary measures.

  • In class, a distance of 1.5m will be respected between each student and it will not be mandatory for students to wear a mask.
  • In AP workshops, masks will be mandatory.

What system will be used and will there be training provided?
All remote courses will be accessed via Microsoft Teams. Training could be organized if there is a general need. If you feel that you would benefit from joining a training on Teams, please contact Student Affairs.

What will the IT installation be in the classrooms?
On every desk of every classroom, you will now find a new Microsoft Teams device. This all-in-one Teams meeting solution merges a small computer and a touchscreen interface on top of it. The design is very light and straightforward. This is very easy to use.

All classrooms’ ceilings are now equipped with a:

  • High quality microphone. The microphone can capture the voice of the speaker from anywhere in the room. But the microphone is configured to favor the zone of the teacher’s desk.
  • Full HD Camera with a wide angle. The camera is configured to focus on the front zone of the classroom (meaning students from the last rows cannot be seen on the camera).

Will all courses be recorded and available to watch – or re-watch – on demand?
The video recording will be available in the course chat on Teams for 24 hours. While it is strongly encouraged to attend classes in real time, to enable interactions and questions, we understand that some students are not able to return to Switzerland at the moment, and may be in different time zones. This will allow all students to follow courses in the best possible situation.

Will the mandatory school fees be adapted with the new HyFlex model?
Yes, the F&B prepaid amount will be adapted to the anticipated presence on site for Bachelor students. The exact amount will be communicated as soon as it is finalized.

Will the retakes for week 35 be held on campus?
The retakes for week 35 will be done remotely.

How will the lunch breaks be organized?
Only students who are scheduled for face-to-face classes will have access to the outlets for lunch. Between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., all seats are reserved for lunch and may not be used as study space.

  • There is a limit of 30 min maximum per person at the table.
  • A social distance of 1.5m is maintained between tables so please do not move the furniture.

Will I be required to follow the EHL dress code when following class remotely?
The EHL dress code is mandatory when your video is turned on. Teachers have the right to ask you to turn your video on, or off.

Will students living on campus and learning remotely have access to the campus’ F&B outlets?


Only students who are scheduled for face-to-face classes will have access to the outlets for lunch. Between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., all seats are reserved for lunch and may not be used as study space.

From 28 September 2020, a new outlet called Grab 2 Go will be located on the ground floor of Neighborwood for students residing on campus for days when their courses are scheduled as remote.

  • This service will be open Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • Payment exclusively by EHL card.


The campus F&B outlets will be open to all students on weekdays from 18h00 starting from 14 September 2020.

Reservation required for Foodcourt on the Power Apps, “FC Booking”.

Classic reservations via La Fourchette for BDS and Bistro.

No reservation necessary for Finger Food, Grab n Go, Corner, Boutique.

Find more details about the F&B outlets and measures.


The campus will be open to all students on Saturdays with an adapted offering starting from September 26, 2020. This concept will operate as a trial until the end of October and will be evaluated at that time based on needs and application of all campus rules.

  • PBar from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Finger Food and Boutique from 11:30 am to 7:30 pm

How will the Housekeeping classes take place without disturbing students who are learning remotely in their rooms?

AP Residence 3

  • The AP bedrooms’ cleaning day will be communicated by the AP coordination.
  • The classroom where they have to go will also be communicated in the mail.
  • A schedule will be defined by the Housekeeping teachers.
BOSC and AP Residence 2

The Housekeeping team will be responsible for the bedrooms, which will be cleaned while the students are planned in class on campus.

Is EHL going to provide masks to all students?

  • One reusable fabric mask will be distributed in a hygiene kit to each student the first day they arrive on campus.
  • The reusable fabric masks can be worn up to 40 times and must be washed between uses at 60°C or steamed.
  • A steamer station is available on campus to disinfect reusable masks. After these 40 days, students will have to purchase their own masks.
  • In AP workshops, surgical masks (paper) will be distributed to students.

Will it be possible to purchase masks on campus? If yes, where exactly?
Yes. It will be possible to purchase masks on campus. Masks will be available at EHL Lifestyle boutique and possibly via some vending machines (still to be confirmed).

Are face masks going to be mandatory in class?
Social distancing will be respected in class so wearing a mask will not be mandatory.
However students, staff and visitors on campus are required to wear a mask in all public spaces and whenever social distancing cannot be respected.

If the Swiss government changes the restrictions regarding the number of people allowed on campus, will the Hyflex system be adapted mid-way through the semester to adapt to new measures?
Yes. Since the HyFlex model allows us to adapt the onsite presence, we will be able to move more students to remote learning if the campus capacity is further limited, or on the contrary expand the onsite presence if measures are eased.

What happens if a student tests positive to Covid-19 ?
In case a student tests positive to the Coronavirus, the student would be placed in quarantine and the school would be advised by the local medical authorities about how to proceed if needed. The Cantonal Physician’s Office will conduct analysis to determine any eventual contacts who may require additional isolation or testing. Testing or isolation is not systematically advised for all classmates. This is determined on a case-by-case basis according to close contacts and as determined by the relevant authorities. EHL is required to follow the orders given by those authorities. A quarantine plan developed in collaboration with the Cantonal Physician’s Office is in place for students residing on campus.

How will security verify which student is allowed to be on campus on each day?
There will be two entrances to the campus (main entrance on Route de Cojonnex and second entrance near the BDS), where an automatic security system will check if the students and staff are scheduled to be on campus that day.

If students are allowed to be on campus on our allocated day, will they have freedom to be on campus the whole day or only within certain time slots? If it is the latter how will this be enforced?
Students will have the possibility to be on campus the whole day if he is scheduled to follow a class on campus.

Will students have the opportunity to go on campus should they need access to library tools such as datastream which is only available on site?
Most databases remain available remotely and instructions are available on myEHL. All students may access the library on the days that they are scheduled on campus.

Will students living on campus have access to the campus’ F&B outlets during weekends?
Yes. The campus will be open to all students on Saturdays with an adapted offering starting from September 26, 2020. This concept will operate as a trial until the end of October and will be evaluated at that time based on needs and application of all campus rules.

  • PBar from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Finger Food and Boutique from 11:30 am to 7:30 pm

Will the campus’ F&B outlets be accessible to everyone for diner?
Yes. The campus F&B outlets will be open to all students on weekdays from 18h00 starting from 14 September 2020.

Reservation required for Foodcourt on the Power Apps, “FC Booking”.

Will students still have access to the campus if they have reservations at F&B outlets (Bistro, BDS, etc.)?

  • Yes. The people with reservations for one of our outlets will need to show the confirmation of their reservation at the security personal who has a desk at the main entrance.
  • If you are not planned to be on campus for the day of your reservation, you will have access to the campus for the duration of your reservation only.

Will students be able to access the campus for special events or committee activities?
Every day, a maximum of 2,250 people will be able to be on campus at a given time. Priority will be given to classes (HyFlex rotation for students and faculty members).

What will happen for SBPs, BOSC 6 electives and group projects? Will students be able to meet on campus?
All BOSC 6 electives will be organized according to the HyFlex model (including evenings and Saturdays). SBP teams will be scheduled for a certain number of coaching session and client meetings on campus according to a rotation schedule. A maximum of 15 SBP teams (=around 90 students) will be simultaneously authorized on campus. More details will be provided for the start of the next SBP session and according to the situation at that time.

I don’t have the necessary material at home to study properly (e.g. Internet connection, printer): can I use facilities on campus?

  • Printers and scanners are accessible, from 6:00 am to 00:00 pm Monday to Friday (from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on weekend), at the North entrance of campus.
  • If you experience any technical issues using on-campus printers, scanners and/or connectivity, please contact the IT Helpdesk: +41 21 785 1234.
  • Appropriate internet connection is required in order to follow your classes online.
  • If you experience any issues with at-home printers and/or Internet connections, please refer to your printer's helpline/Internet providers directly.

    I’m not pIanned on campus and I forgot an important item that allows me to study: what should I do?
    If you forgot something on campus, please send an Outlook appointment to EHL Security during the following times:
    Monday to Friday : 8:00 am – 11:00 am / 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm / 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    Saturday : 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    Sunday : 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Make sure you arrive at the North entrance at the scheduled time, as no unplanned entries will be granted.

Can prospective students still apply for the September 2020 intake?

Applications for the September 2020 intake have now closed.

For students who have applied or are applying, please get in touch with our Admissions department for any academic inquiries. More information for upcoming intakes is available here.