Coronavirus Update

This page provides the latest updates for the EHL Community, and our new and returning Students, on the covid-19 situation and how it is handled by our on-campus and off-campus teams. 

EHL Group Update

Latest Covid-19 Measures and Updates

Following the Federal Council announcement on 16 February 2022 regarding the updated COVID measures, please see the information below of what’s changing on campus. As expected (and to our great pleasure!), most protective measures are lifted as of 17 February 2022.

What does this mean for campus life here in Lausanne? 

  1. The certificate requirement is lifted, meaning everyone has free access to campus again and we can open all campus entrances. We will also be closing our testing center and advise you to go to one of the nearby centers if you have any COVID symptoms.
  2. The mask requirement is lifted on Campus, meaning we can enjoy regular interactions again. Please note however that masks will still be required in public transport and medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics or care homes.
  3. Social distancing measures in the Food Court, as well as the requirement to be seated when consuming are lifted. The FC Booking on PowerApps will be maintained to ensure a better flow of people during peak times with a priority for students and faculty at noon, so be sure to continue to reserve your lunch slot.
  4. The isolation requirement for persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 remains (of course) in place. You can contact the infirmary (for students) or your HR Business Partner (for staff) to notify your absence.
  5. As previously announced, classes and group work will resume on site as planned and there will be no more hyflex or recording in place to ensure all can benefit from the best conditions for learning and teaching.

Other than that, there are no more restrictions on private gatherings and the certificate requirement for large-scale events has been lifted as well.

Please note that while this is very good news, the COVID pandemic has not ended. Washing your hands regularly and being especially cautious when showing (even slight) symptoms, is still the smart attitude to adopt to keep each other safe.


  • If you have any medical questions, please contact our infirmary at nurse@ehl.ch
  • For students: any academic questions can be addressed to the Academic Advisory Desk at sta@ehl.ch
  • For general questions, please contact communication@ehl.ch

We look forward to this new relaxed phase and thank you all warmly for your patience, understanding, and dedicated cooperation over the past two years!

Sending you all our gratitude and visible smiles.

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Where can I find more information?  

Please follow these links for further information from official sources.

Federal Office of Public Health:


For urgent questions or concerns we remain available here.

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